A book is a jewel. Jorge Luis Borges said: “I have always imagined that paradise is something like a library.” Another great writer, Oscar Wilde said: “If someone does not enjoy reading a book time after time, then it is not worth reading it once.” The novelist Toni Morrison, editor, Professor Emeritus of Princeton and Nobel Prize in Literature 1993, said: “If there is a book that you need to read and is not yet written, you should write it.”

Your book is a jewel, has gone through a strict and thorough editing process and is now ready to be published. Whether you want your book to help humanity or just your own family and future generations, it is essential not to delay its publication. The Palabra Pura (Pure Word) Publishing House has all the necessary resources to help you.

We know the most advanced book publishing tools and have many years of experience. After we receive a fully finished manuscript, what follows is to format it, obtain an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), register the copyright if you have not already done so, design a cover, back cover and generate the corresponding files so that Your book is printed in the printing press you want.

We can also help you advertise your physical book on Amazon; that your readers have access to a Kindle ebook and a website of yours so that your readers can buy your books both on paper and online ebooks directly to you.

Feel free to send me your manuscript by this means and include any questions you want and I will answer you shortly.

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