The 16 Fundamental Doctrines Explained / Eliud A. Montoya




The 16 Fundamental Doctrines Explained takes the reader through a powerful doctrinal journey. The book highlights the details of Pentecostal doctrine and lays it out in a combination of simplicity and unusually high level of scholarship.

The author divides16 fundamental doctrines into three parts: God, present life and future life. The first part explains the doctrines concerning the Scriptures, the nature of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. The second part deals with the themes of the fall of man, salvation, church ordinances, baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, sanctification, the Church and its mission, ministry and divine healing. The last section explores themes of blessed hope, the Millennium, the Final Judgment and the new heavens and new earth. The explanation of these doctrines recovers the spirit and original teaching taught and lived by the first generation of Pentecostals, and follows the step-by-step example of the Church from the Book of Acts of the Apostles.

This book is part of a course that explains the 16 fundamental doctrines in depth. This course consists of a textbook (this one), a workbook, and a PowerPoint of more than 650 slides to help supplement deeper studies of the themes explored in the book The 16 Fundamental Doctrines Explained.

Number of pages: 254

Dimensions: 9×6 inch.

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