Eliud A. Montoya – Principal Editor

Eliud A. Montoya is the main editor of the Publishing House Palabra Pura. He has the experience of 12 written and published books; 20 books which he edited, and many years of experience in different types of writing. He knows the most important style manuals in the world (eg those of the Royal Spanish Academy and El País), and is an expert in publishing. He holds a certification from the Penguin Random Publishing House and has set out to master the field of Philology.

He reviews each of the projects himself to make sure they have the best quality. He is a Christian publisher, has edited PhD books in theology, novels, theses, essays, etc., has high-level ministerial studies, and most importantly, is perfectly aware of the value of literary work.

He is also a translator and editor for Global University, a Christian University serving thousands of students worldwide.

Iuliana Sagaidak —Design Manager

Iuliana has 7 years of experience in graphic design. He has several certifications in graphic design and typography, and her work can be seen on the covers of our books and interior design. Orthographic and stylistic work are two of the most important areas in book design. The work of art – as it is also called – must obey certain visual artistic ensembles whose techniques must be mastered for each literary genre. Thus, for example, the cover of a novel or nouvelle could not be in the same style as that used for an academic book. That is where the work of a design expert is indispensable to have a successful publication.

Iuliana Sagaidak has also studied photography, another of the useful tools in the design of covers and interior graphics of our books; she is also an expert in web page creation (development & design).

Iuliana is currently working on book projects of various genres, including children’s books.

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